Electronic Assembly


Electronic assembly services at OCM Manufacturing

Our electronic assembly services include PCB assembly, full system integration, and box-build services.

Our manufacturing facility in Ottawa includes dedicated electro-mechanical assembly pods and the following capabilities:

  • Skills: fixturing, automation, spot welding, ultrasonic welding
  • Types of assembly: metal enclosures, plastic enclosures, cables, harnesses, pumps
  • Dedicated facilities for: conformal coating, full system test, box genealogy tracking
  • Complex systems: experience ranging from Consumer to Military products including HVAC manufacturing, avionics manufacturing, and more
  • Flexibility: we are flexible and trainable, able to take ownership of our client’s in-house processes and standards

We are also able to work with strategic partners when required to ensure a seamless one-stop service for full system integration of nearly any low- to mid-volume product.

Please contact us for details about our electronic assembly and PCB manufacturing services.