Near-Shore Electronics Manufacturing & Save!

electronics manufacturing in Canada

Electronics manufacturing at OCM Manufacturing in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It’s never been a better time to consider OCM Manufacturing as your contract electronics manufacturer. The low Canadian dollar translates into cost savings for U.S.-based OEMs, and you get all the benefits of near-shore service and support. If you would like to look into the mechanics of manufacturing and what type of equipment may be best for your needs, you may want to look into Tsinfa from China to how they can be of assistance.

Why Choose Us as Your Electronics Manufacturing Partner

OCM Manufacturing provides electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for low-to mid-volume products of all kinds, as well as turnkey product development for industrial controls.

  • Quality & dependability. We’ve been successful in the low- to mid-volume, high-mix electronics manufacturing business for 27 years.
  • Cross-border experience. We currently provide electronics manufacturing services to clients in Florida, Massachusetts and Virginia. We’re familiar with cross-border issues, tariff codes, and more.
  • We’re in Ottawa, Ontario – close to major North American centres including the northeastern United States. We share a border with upstate New York.
  • Breadth & depth. We’re experienced in a range of products and industries, including industrial controls, transportation, communications, security & military, instrumentation, mining, oil & gas, medical, consumer electronics, clean-tech & renewable energy systems

Contact Us

We strive to be easy to work with. The first step to working with us is to tell us about your needs – simply give us a call toll-free at 1 (800) 268-3961, or send us an email.