OCM Awards 15 Employees with Service Awards

15 employees awarded for 10 or more years of service

As part of the OCM Manufacturing’s 25th-Anniversary celebrations, the company has awarded 15 long-time employees for their roles in the company’s longevity and success.

  • Six employees were awarded for 10 or more years of service.
  • Seven were awarded for 15 or more years of service.
  • And, two were awarded for 20 or more years of continual employment at OCM.

OCM Chairman, Michel Jullian, said to all employees: “When I started OCM in 1988 I didn’t think much about things like longevity. But this year we’ve been thinking about why we might have survived longer than most. And one of the key ingredients, is you. We have talented and loyal staff here, and everyone works together to make the business a success each year.”

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