OCM Manufacturing to Build Afforda Speech Communication Device for the Disabled

Lead-free manufacturing and OCM’s Quick Start Program accelerated new product.

OCM Manufacturing, an Ottawa-based contract electronics manufacturer, announced today that its Quick Start Program, which provides free support services to companies with new products ideas, has brought its first product successfully through the program.

The product, a microelectronics device, provides the intelligence inside BoardSpeaker, an interactive speech communications device designed by Ottawa’s Afforda Speech. BoardSpeaker assists those individuals who cannot speak and those with reading difficulties because of medical conditions or learning disabilities.

Through the Quick Start Program, which OCM launched in November of last year, Afforda Speech received free consultation on the most efficient design for manufacturing (DFM) aspects of the product. OCM also assisted with the construction of a prototype product and provided in-house x-ray services. The product is now entering its first production run.

Afforda Speech also benefited from OCM’s new lead-free manufacturing capabilities, as its product includes components available in lead-free versions only.

Michel Jullian, CEO of OCM Manufacturing said that he hoped the Afforda Speech product was the first of many that would be brought through his company’s Quick Start Program. “This is a product which we feel fills a void in its market and we were pleased, as a company, to play a key role in its development.”

Ron Hu, CEO of Afforda Speech, pointed out that the relationship with OCM was instrumental in getting his product designed and manufactured in the most efficient and economical manner. “OCM understands electronics manufacturing. They gave generously of their advice and services to our project and took the time to work with us. Their manufacturing expertise was invaluable to a small company that had an idea for a special product.”

About OCM Manufacturing and the Quick Start Program
Founded in 1988, OCM Manufacturing is an Ottawa based company that specializes in contract electronics manufacturing for small and medium size companies. The company specializes in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and test services with full system assembly and test capabilities and a complete suite of warranty administration, field return servicing and other after market services.

The Quick Start initiative allows entrepreneurs and companies with new product concepts to piggyback on OCM’s manufacturing expertise and established supply chain. Under the program, OCM provides complimentary design-for-manufacturing services that assess the new product’s design in terms of manufacturing efficiency. The program also picks up some of the cost of producing the first prototype units of the new product by offering complimentary components and X-Ray inspection services.

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