OCM Technology Adds Semi-Automatic PTH Insertion Equipment

Ottawa, Canada – OCM Technology Inc. announced today its acquisition of 4 Contact Systems CS-400 semi-automatic PTH insertion systems.

The systems feature two projectors that shine spots of light onto component holes in a way that clearly illuminates the current insertion location. One projector can be programmed to blink to indicate component polarity. As well, the new systems have a number of options for automating the delivery and presentation of components to the operator.

The main benefits of the new systems for the OEM customer will be improved insertion accuracy and reduced assembly costs for assemblies with extensive PTH component content.

Said George Henning, VP Manufacturing for OCM Technology, “A number of our customers have excellent products that continue to make use of the older PTH style of electronic component technology. Our new semi-automatic PTH insertion systems will enhance our ability to support this older, but still very viable, packaging style.”

The company expects the new systems to be operational by the end of November 2003.

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