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OCM joins Caisse Desjardins and Banque Nationale in amateur sports sponsorship

OCM Manufacturing is continuing its support for figure skating in the Sports-Etudes Program in Gatineau, Quebec. The company joins Caisse Desjardins and Banque Nationale to sponsor 14-year-old figure skater Kim Caissy in this year’s provincial competition.

Caissy is a bright light on the provincial and national figure skating championship circuits. In 2002, at the age of 10, she was the Juvenille Ladies Canadian Champion, and followed that up in 2003 with the Pre-novice Ladies Championship. After healing a broken ankle, she placed 3rd in the 2004 Novice Ladies Championship, 4th in the 2004 Eastern Division Championship and 5th in the Quebec Sectional Championship that same year.

Caissy is coached by David Graham of Sports-Etudes.

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Shaun Markey