Articles we have written for industry publications.

Cross-Train Employees to Maintain Productivity

Whatever your business is, it’s worthwhile to consider what opportunities there are internally for cross training and cross functionality. Following are some of the lessons we have learned along the path to achieving this goal. Go >

Partnering Expands your Contract Manufacturing Options

As a contract electronics manufacturer (CEM) in the low-mid volume, high-mix space (translation: a wide variety of products for niche markets), we sometimes encounter clients with requests for assembly technologies that we may not (yet) have the capability to support.  Go >

Test is NOT someone else’s problem

Too often, PCB designers don’t consider test strategy in their designs. Why should they – test is a manufacturing problem, right? Yes, it is – in fact, all aspects of PCB design eventually become manufacturing problems if they have not been thought through in the design phase. But...  Go >

The true cost of DIY manufacturing

Manufacturers of niche electronics-based products sometimes toy with the idea of bringing their manufacturing in-house. But the true costs of manufacturing are often overlooked in discussions about bringing this capability in-house.  Go >

2 Worst Mistakes in Electronics Product Design

Over more than 25 years of manufacturing niche electronics products for a wide range of target industries, I think I’ve seen it all. Unfortunately, that means that I continue to witness some of the same heart-stopping (and product killing) mistakes again and again. If you want to be successful in working with a contract manufacturer (CM), here are two of the worst mistakes you can make...  Go >

Made In Canada more than a slogan

OCM Manufacturing's President, George Henning, penned this article about the increasing interest in labeling products as "Made in Canada".  Go >

Helmet sensor monitors hits to the head

OCM Manufacturing is featured in the cover story of the September, 2014 issue, which outlines how OCM guided the production process of a unique impact sensor line of products from Impakt Protective Inc. Go >

Choosing Between Turnkey & Consignment Manufacturing

OCM's President, George Henning, explains, compares, and evaluates consignment and turnkey manufacturing to help small- to mid-sized companies select the electronics manufacturing outsourcing strategy that best fits their needs. Go >

Reduce Your Risk: Counterfeiting is Here to Stay

With off-shore sourcing and assembly now an indelible part of the global manufacturing mix, the opportunities for counterfeit electronics components to make their way into the supply chain are on the rise.... No one is immune to the problem, including low-volume, high-mix manufacturers (LVHM) and suppliers of all...  Go >

Forecasting alleviates negative business impacts of materials shortage

Electronics component manufacturers were among these, and they have been reluctant to reinvest in growth until the economic turnaround is certain. As a result, many components are now in critical short supply across the globe - from key commodity materials to specialized electronics components. The good news is that the industry is on the upturn... Go >

Productivity: Yes, we can [go paperless]!

" Michel Jullian, CEO of OCM Manufacturing, an Ottawa-based electronics manufacturer, had aspirations to create a paperless work environment. But it was the pursuit of an ISO 9000 rating in 2000 that motivated him to do so. The registrar reviewed the application and requested changes that required a do-over of half of it. But the information needed was crammed into more than 100 binders, and a do-over was no simple task. 'I remember thinking it was a big waste,' says Jullian. 'I was disgusted.'”" Go >