Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Design for manufacturing

Design for manufacturing at OCM Manufacturing

No company can afford to redesign a product once it’s in production. Design for manufacturing (DFM) is an important element of the product conceptualization and design process. It helps ensure that an electronics-based product can be efficiently and cost-effectively produced. Design for manufacturing includes considerations related to manufacturing process, assembly, and electronics test.

DFM (along with solid product marketing and sales) is critical to helping a product succeed on the market.

OCM Manufacturing’s design for manufacturing services can ensure that your low- to mid-volume electronics product is cost-effective to manufacture, with high levels of quality. That translates into a product that can be sold at a competitive price, with minimal defects and low returns.

DFM With Us

For best results, contact OCM during the early stages of your product’s design. Ask us about our contract electronic manufacturing services for early-stage products, including fast prototypes.

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