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Electronics System Assembly


Electronics system assembly at OCM Manufacturing

In addition to PCB assembly, we also provide full electronics system assembly. This service is also known as system integration, electro-mechanical assembly, and box-build.

Our manufacturing facility in Ottawa includes dedicated electro-mechanical assembly pods and the following capabilities for full electronics system assembly:

  • Skills: fixturing, automation, spot welding, ultrasonic welding. If you would like to learn more about some of the different types of welding, take a look at this useful guide to the most popular welding techniques according to weldinginsider.
  • Types of assembly: metal enclosures, plastic enclosures, cables, harnesses, pumps
  • Dedicated facilities for: conformal coating, full system test, box genealogy tracking
  • Cable-Assembly_IMG9203_500px

    Electro-mechanical assembly at OCM Manufacturing

    Complex systems: experience ranging from Consumer to Military products

  • Flexibility: we are flexible and trainable, able to take ownership of our client’s in-house processes and standards

Most of our electronics system assembly capabilities reside in-house. We are also able to work with strategic partners when required to ensure a seamless one-stop service for full system integration of nearly any low- to mid-volume product.

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Please contact us for details about full electronics system assembly and mechanical assembly services.

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